Friday, January 15, 2016

Grocery Shopping with Ally

Recently I have realized I am more passionate about food then I thought. While I don't always eat the best, I well educated about the food industry and nutrition.

This is mostly thanks to my job in last four years where we have spent ample time discussing sodium content, sugar content, specific diets, GMOs, HFCS, organics, food labeling, processed foods, clean eating, and such.  I am not a nutritionist and I am not a dietician but I do work with them and learn a lot from them.  I also could never give anyone specifics on a particular diet type.  I do know how to eat healthy and this is where I can but heads with people.

I have been a vegetarian for two and a half years and I found the transition easy but it's something I have always wanted to do and not for animal rights oddly. I just don't like eating meat. I never did. Even when I did eat meat it was mostly chicken and a burger sometimes. I was never big into meat. But I have evolved into a semi strict veggie. I do eat eggs and fish but rarely.  I won't eat anything with chicken or beef stock in it. I know some veggies that do. I also don't have a problem with others eating meat though I prefer they chose organic humane meats but that's up to them.

My new venture is organic GMO free. Why? Because I recently learned what GMOs are. There are two GMOs. One is an actual pesticide. The other is a modified seed where the crop produces its own pesticide. I am not okay with that. I am not okay with the off chance off eating a pesticide. I also don't agree with the articles claiming they are safe. I question who ran those tests and who paid for them.  So now I am going organic.

But I keep hearing "I want to but organic is so much more expensive."  It's really not though. So I am taking you shopping. Granted my shopping trip is small. It's for just me and it's mostly lunch for two weeks but you get the idea.

I typically start in the produce aisle deciding if I am up for fruit or veggies. Lately I have been on a carrot kick.  No surprise the organic carrots and the regular carrots are the same price.

I have always been a banana snob and stuck with organic swearing by the taste but being out of season I skipped them and apples.

My lunches are usually based in quinoa pasta, beans, peas,a dressing, and sometimes seasonings. 

My pasta which is a tad more expensive but the label is ridiculously clean. This one is a tricolor. The non tricolor is corn flour and quinoa flour only.  I get 5 servings out of this. 
This is a regular pasta

Honestly, the regular pasta isn't a bad label but for kicks check out the macaroni and cheese labels. 

On the left is Beloved Kraft and on the right us GMO free Annie's. I have fallen for many Annie's products but my favorite is there Parmesean Mac and Cheese. So good!  But comparing the labels, you can see a lot less ingredients and fillers in Annie's not to mention less calories when prepared.


When I buy beans, I always buy low sodium. Always. This is a no sodium added which until yesterday I didn't know existed. Growing up, we had a sodium allergy in the house. So I didn't grow up on loads on salt but in canned beans they add LOADS of salt to the cans. Check them and be amazed.  Also, always wash canned beans. Always. 

Organic Frozen Veggies
They exist!

So the frozen organic veggies do cost a tad more at $2.99 but it's not much.  My grip with the organic veggies is the lack of variety but I expect to see that change in the coming years. Also I am sure if I went to Whole Foods I would have a wider selection. 

I can't comment on organic meat. I am also sure my examples are small in comparison to other products where the cost is quite difference is substantial but it is doable to an extent.  I am also sure it depends on the resources available to you. 

One thing I know that is more expensive, organic eggs. Ugh.

Some other clean labels from my fridge.

Target Simply Cashew Butter

Palmer Blueberry Jam (my favorite!!!) no added sugar... Because why does jam need added sugar?

If you have any interest in learning about GMOs you can check out the film OMG GMO.

If you want to know more about Nutrition, labeling, and pretty much everything wrong with the food industry check out the film Fed Up.