Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Saved a Dog Today

I took off from work today to get car maintenance done. I thought it was going to take a few hours. It only took 30 minutes.

On my way home I took a lazy longer way home because why not?  I wasn't in a rush.  On the back road I saw a beautiful golden retriever wandering around loose on the road. Some owners around here do not leash their dogs but on a quick look I didn't see any humans near by so I pulled over as did two other cars. One drove off quickly.

The man behind me was trying to direct the dog down a driveway he thought he saw her come out of but I had already seen her just wandering about.  So I was pretty sure that might not be her home.  When I came towards them and motioned to the dog she came right to me. Super friendly and thankfully she did have a collar with a tag!  So important!  However, this tag only had the dogs name, the owners full name, and the owners phone number. I called twice, left a message, and text messaged.

Once I called the man asked if I was okay with the dog and left but another girl showed up with a leash.  Sooooo helpful!  Let me tell you this Goldie wanted to roam about. I haven't walked dogs in a long time so she was pulling me all over but I was still keeping her with in a certain area. I was letting her pull me about. After all, she isn't my dog.

The other girl and I hung out for a good 30 minutes discussing what we could do for the dog besides just knocking on random doors until we went over to her car and Lea (the dog) saw she had a dog in her car.  Lea wanted to play so she started jumping around a bit and barking. 

Shortly after, someone in the street calls out Lea and I am like "omg is this your dog?" As I cross a busy street and am taking the leash off the owner calls me back distraught. Thankfully because Lea barked her Aunt came looking for her 

It was an interesting morning but it was uplifting and I can't say I didn't mind hanging out with a friendly dog for a half an hour.

The owner was so thankful. I am just happy to have been there. I am normally at work. 

Afterwards I stopped and picked up two leashes to keep in my car in case anything like this happens again.  

It sort of happened in my neighborhood once.  I came home and two little pugs were taking a walk down my road. I got one in my back yard and the second one I was calling the number as I was bringing him in and the owner was already looking.  This is why I got two, but I did decided on a medium and large.