Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Forward to 2016

Last night I started writing a blog post recapping 2015 and then I canned it.

I decided I didn't want to focus on the past and I also didn't like a lot of 2015.

There was a lot of pain in 2015.  Pain that has caused me to take a break from cosplay, superhero costuming specifically.  My beloved car finally kicked the bucket and I am still getting used to the new one.  I had to let people that I cared about go because they were clearly using me and were disrespectful.  I saw close friends get divorced for the first time.  I had surgery (which is a good thing but still pretty harsh).  I spent the last quarter of 2015 being horrifically depressed.

The not so good very much outweighed the good of 2015.  So I am very glad to see 2015 over and done with.  I would rather talk about the very few plans I have for 2016.

2016 is starting rougher then I would expect.  I am a bit sick but that's okay.  I am glad I chose to stay home last night and exhaustion had me passing out well before midnight (and not waking up until 9am).  Turns out I have an ear infection and a fever, but I am fine.  I just need lots of rest and maybe some Motrin.

While I was feeling out of it this morning, I decided to go out and hit up some stores.  Thinking that the nice day and air would perk me up.  Instead I wound up finding out that my car battery was bad!  I had this weird feeling my car had been starting funny the last few days.  Quieter, somehow.  I left Target and my car barely started, but because of my previous experiences I pretty much knew it was the battery.  So I drove my butt right to Autozone and it was.  Bleh.  At least I am starting the year off with a brand new battery that has a warranty!  Its also way better then being stranded somewhere.

Anyway, 2016 plans.

So I am already getting back into the hang of things this weekend sick or not.  Static Trapeze starts this Sunday.

I do have two costume plans for this year.  Bombshell Black Canary and something for JemCon (I am not sure what yet).  The urge to cosplay Rey is strong but I will not.  I do plan on finishing my Zarina.  She is only missing her wings and belt.

This coming week, I am going to my first ever paint nite.  I can not wait to paint.  I love painting and it's not something I do often.

Conventionwise, I do not have many plans.  I am definitely going to be at EternalCon in June and JemCon in September.  I am hoping to make it to MLP Fair in July but I am not sure I can just yet.  I am not sure that I will be at NYCC this year, but if I do it might be for one day only.  I am not sure.  Everything is up in the air.

My personal goals that started last week is to eat more organic and non-GMO.  My weekly lunches tend to consist of frozen vegetables (primarily peas).  So I thought finding organic peas was going to be super annoying and I was going to have to start steaming my own peas.  Turns out the store I was in did not have fresh organic peas (probably because they are out of season), but they did have frozen and butternut squash!  They didn't really cost more either.  Talking about my reasons for going organic and non-GMO is a whole different post for another day.

I am going to get back to relaxing away this ear infection.  Possibly pop on Disney Infinity and play the Force Awakens because I picked that up today!  Go me!

Have a great new year every one and may the Force be with you!

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