Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Up Coming Projects

There is a teeny bit of costuming involved.

My first set of projects that I sort of started last weekend but due to my Epstien Barr acting up and lack of heat/hot water in my apartment I wound up not really getting going on is making throw pillow covers. The covers will make there way to my new Etsy store. All covers will be 14x14. I am currently prepped to work on two Star Wars, two Mario & Friends, and two Sleeping My Little Ponies.  Hopefully, I will conquer some this weekend.

My following project, which I am more excited about (because it involved a bit of science in a way), is creating my own bath bombs!  I stumbled on a random tutorial last night and I am glad I got that one first because the rest that I saw were not nearly as good.  I am actually almost set with all my ingredients except I need to order citric acid and castor oil online. I could use olive oil or coconut oil but I am very curious about this castor oil and the benefits of it. They is also a substitute of cream of tartar for the citric acid but that removes the chemical reaction and pretty much makes the bath bomb pointless.

I spent some time today picking up the proper supplies.  I went with peppermint oil for scent (soap scents), and I picked up coloring intended for soap making. Many tutorials say to use food coloring, but I am Leary about dying myself.  I seriously almost forgot to buy the salt. 

So I have exactly three (and ONLY three) costumes planed for this year.

The first on being Ant Lucias Bombshell Black Canary. This idea was birthed at the 2015 NYCC.  It's was an idea to hopefully to a mini Bombshell group with friends of mine. I love the design and I am excited to get into it.

The other two costumes are for JemCon and Pony Fair.