Friday, January 8, 2016

Rough Start

My goodness has it been a rough start to the year.

So I spent New Years sick and I am still not 100%. On New Years Day, I noticed something funny was up with my car when I left a store.  I immediately realized I had a bad battery. So I wound up having my cars battery replaced. Still better then breaking down.

The following day, my laptop starts having issues. At the moment, it's hanging out after its factory reset. The touchpad is not operating properly and I purchased a mouse to see if I can override it. Sigh.

The next day, I went back to trapeze and had an amazing class. However a good 30 minutes in I kicked the trapeze bar which means I have been hobbling around all week and the end of Sunday I was in so much pain I was quite teary. I am extremely amazing at being independent but there is something about barely being able to walk that makes me really want someone there.

Yesterday was pretty off also. My phone decided to crash and burn for an hour or so. I texted my boss and while waiting for her response the phone faded to black like normal but I could not get it to come back on.  While doing laundry, I kept messing with it. I trying resetting it like the old iPods many times and it finally turned back on. However, I went for my upgrade anyway. I didn't realize the cost of upgrading was so much easier now. I doubt I will wait so long again. 

Here's hoping the worst of it is over!  I am so done with the bad stuff. I have been a sobbing sniffly mess all week.