Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spoilers: Fuller House

It was another full week of busy busy busy, but I had two glorious days to myself and last night I binge watched Fuller House like nobodies business.  Truth be told I should have started before 8/9pm, because I was still watching at 2am when I finally crawled into my bed.  Today, I found I only had another 10 minutes to watch.

Full House was a show that has special meaning to me.  Granted I was a little disillusioned like many children but the Tanners were real to me growing up and looking back it brings me back to a very special part of my life where I was in my own happy bubble.  It was before all the child abuse.  So now as an adult, I am horribly protective of the little things of that time.  It's difficult to explain the kind of emotion that show gives me.  Bewitched is part of that time as well.

I have been following the careers of Candace, Jodi, Ashley, Mary Kate, and Andrea for quite some time.  I adore them.  I loved Candace on "Make It or Break It."  Mostly I follow the ladies on Instagram.  Candace and Andrea's real best friend life is pretty amazing.  Jodi is amazing and all of their families are beautiful.  I have kept up with Mary Kate and Ashley through random internet searches over the years and I wasn't surprised when they turned the show down.  Just Thursday my friend and I were talking about it and she was saying how they should have done the show because it made them who they are.  I disagree.  I know the girls are actually busy building their fashion empire with labels The Row, Elizabeth & James, OlsenBoye, and Olso (this one I had to look up).

Anyway, Fuller House is set in today.  DJ is now raising three boys on her own after her husband passed away.  Stephanie and Kimmy (with daughter) move in to help DJ out.


The pilot has its good things and it's forced moments.  It's quite clear the pilot is more of a throwback for adult fans to see what the characters have been up to.  It's was great seeing everyone back at the same table.  The Rippers make an appearance.   Jesse and Becky sing Forever.  Everyone jumps in and dances to NKOB.  The same couch is there!

They clearly make note of why Michelle is not there.  She is in NYC pursuing her fashion career.  Sound familiar?  This scene quickly went from funny to awkward as the entire cast stared the camera down for much too long.  I giggled though.

Jesse and Becky are clearly going through a rough patch with the twins who are seemingly never graduating from college and now that I think about it were missing from the finale.

There are tons of throwbacks in the pilot with footage from the original series.  The pilot thankfully, is the only episode like this.  While it's nice to reminisce, I think we all want updated content.

Episode 2 was a touch on the rough side as Stephanie, Kimmy, and Ramona move in and room changes are made.  This happened on Full House and it is alluded with a flashback or two in the episode.

After episode 2 is when I felt Fuller House started to get into it's own groove.  The guest stars Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky, etc only appear by themselves except for the season finale which helped in my opinion.

Fuller House has more adult humor which I like.  As an adult fan of the show, I am more interested in what the girls are up to, but I do not think the adult humor is over whelming.  It's still family friendly in my opinion. 

DJ grew up to be a veterinarian.  Stephanie grew up to be DJ Tanner (her DJ name).  Kimmy grew up to be a party planner with a crazy on and off relationship.  Steve is a podiatrist.

Lets talk about Steve.  I liked Steve on Full House.  I do not like Steve on Fuller House.  Steve's character has morphed into a washed up cool guy who is obsessed with DJ because he never got the girl.  Not only did he give me the creeps but he reminded me of the last guy I dated with how he talked about High School.  Ugh no.  Why did I date that?  Why didn't someone slap me?  The obsession of his character really bothered me and then seeing DJ need to chose between him and Matt was torture.  How could ANY female be team Steve?  How?  Stalkerish.  Just no.  I get the whole high school sweetheart thing but they really could have had him not be desperate and hold his own next to Matt.

My biggest issue with the show is Steve.  That's about it.  Otherwise, it falls right into typical antics and like anything Tanner related there is a wedding involved!  Of course there is a wedding!  Lots of parties.  Stephanie's child husband Harry makes and appearance.  Macy Gray makes an appearance.

Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy make an awesome appearance as they face off against DJ and Kimmy in a dance off to "I've Had the Time of My Life."  You know, because Candace was on Dancing with the Stars a few seasons ago.

The show goes on to make fun of itself, Full House, and the cast makes jokes about the cast.

I found it to be a lot of fun and I will be watching it again.

Did you watch it?  Did you like it?

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