Friday, March 25, 2016

Breakdown to Breakthrough

Sometimes you have to go through hard times to let go what's holding you down in negative space to break through.

Yet again I had to break the news to my trapeze teacher that I will be leaving trapeze. It's more heartbreaking for me to let him down this time then anything else, but this time I have a plan. 

The reality is since returning to trapeze my overall health has been better. My migraines have been better and my anxiety has been better.  However, like clockwork the same people brought drama back into the mix. I don't want to lose the benefits I am personally gaining. I am also noticing changes in my body that I am liking.  I also know I can't perform my best with drama and animosity abound. It's best for my own welfare to move on.

Through chatting with my best friend I suddenly realized there is another school that I can look into taking classes at.  It's a little more expensive and I am okay taking biweekly classes and offsetting with hiking that will give me the cardio I have been yearning for.

The wild thing is, I HAVE ALWAYS HAD THIS OPTION. I never had to leave or take breaks. I just forgot this school was there or didn't think to look for static trapeze classes. The cool thing is I can schedule the classes in advance around my schedule.  I have been interested in lyra for awhile now. So I can also alternate with lyra. It's going to provide me with a lot more options.

I feel so silly for never thinking of this before. I never had to take Summer's off. I never had to take a year off or put up with any drama.  I never had to feel glued to negative and dangerous things in order to continue training.

It still kills me to leave my teacher but I am super excited about learning new technique. I hear this teacher is very into conditioning and her students get strong and I am totally okay with that.

Plus two of my friends go to this school and they are stoked for me to join them. I totally feel like such a dweb for not thinking of this three/four years ago. Sigh. Live and learn. ❤️