Monday, March 7, 2016

ER Trip for Ally

Guess who had a dramatic Sunday?

I haven't been feeling well for a good week and I haven't been chatting about it.  Mostly because it's not my usual not feeling good. It's different. It's not a migraine. It's not Epstein Barr. It's not a cold.

Last Sunday, while heading to static trapeze I felt a pinching in my lower right abs. It was subtle but irritating. I had also felt this the previous weekend heading in and I remember only because I was rubbing my hip as a passenger in the car. Last weekend I drove myself. But it was just an obnoxious little pain that didn't stick around. I figured it was food related. 

This week, however, the pinching hung out for a few days. It was nonexistent in the morning and gradually worsened throughout the day.  Up to Tuesday it was just annoying. Wednesday I left work early because it was too painful. Thursday I left early again because intense nausea set in. 

Outside of my fibroid that was removed last year, I have never had such localized pain before. I went home Thursday and pretty much curled up in a ball and whimpered myself to sleep because while the nausea got better I went into intense pain. 

Friday morning I felt fine. I did a quick look online for anatomy because the location of things like the spleen, gallbladder, and such. Turns out my appendix is about where I was having the pain.  Not thrilling. 

I went to work Friday and I started mentioning the weird pain to a few ladies on break. They questioned possible ovary issues but said get it looked at. 

Funny enough, Friday and Saturday I felt amazing. Saturdsy I was cranky but no pain and no nausea. I went to bed around midnight Saturday.

I woke up Sunday in horrendous pain and serious nausea. I couldn't put my glasses on because it would set the nausea off almost instantly. I found myself unable to lay in bed, sweating without a fever, and curled up with a pillow on my bathroom floor (thankfully I very recently cleaned that floor).

I decided I needed the ER and I wasn't going to be able to bring myself.  Of the three times I have been to the ER this is the first time I seriously needed it.

I was able to get ahold of one of my few local friends who not only drive me but spent her entire Sunday away from her family with me at the ER.  The drive made me sick. Sitting in the waiting room made me sick. 

I get there and because I work there I can safely find things blind. I was not wearing my glasses or contacts. Let me tell you, I can't see a thing with out them. Just shapes and colors. Thankfully we have s security guard who directs you and when he sent me to registration he said at the blue mat.  I can TOTALLY see that!  I also knew where the bathroom was because I work there and it's right next to the vending machines I sometimes need to work with.

Once I was called into Triage they were pretty cool about my lack of vision. I do know these people which helped tremendously.  Triage had two nurses and one asked if I was always so pale. I had no idea if I was pale but the other nurse knows me and said no she isn't she works here and she isn't normally this pale.  Thank you!  Being so out of it and answering their questions was rough.  I nearly forgot my medication allergies, the medications I am on, etc. but man did I nail that height and weight question!

I was then sent in where I did a lot of laying around. They did blood tests and a pelvic exam. I was immediately put on an IV to become hydrated. I went through two bags!  I was given Zofran for nausea but each time they gave it to me I got sick. I was also given morphine for pain. 

I also had to drink this horribly sweet (fake sugar) drink. I was being sent for a cat scan but I needed to get the drink down and let it digest for an hour and half prior to the cat scan. It was gross and it definitely made me sick. My nurse went on break (which she told me) so I knew she would be gone about an hour. I got through 3/4 of the drink which was the least I was allowed to drink and noted the time because I am smart like that. When she came back she asked if I had any nurses make a notation and I had not. I didn't know to do that plus I know they are busy.  I could hear it.

I went did my first cat scan. I have had MRIs with contrast so a CT Scan with contrast was nothing. It was super easy to get through. The contrast is definitely different then MRI contrast. It's certainly warm and reminded me of drink tea of cocoa on a cold day but I didn't get the metallic taste.

Thirty minutes later, the results showed I have a small kidney stone. Which sounds awful but it's SO much better then having an inflamed appendix or something wrong with an ovary. This is the best case senario.  No surgery. I was so afraid I was going to need emergency surgery. 

So I finally get discharged and omg getting my scripts was a nightmare. I use an employee pharmacy but they are closed on Sunday. Because the scripts were sent electronically, we had to go back to the ER to see if they could do a printed script and cancel the electronic one so I could fill it elsewhere.  They did thankfully. 

Going to CVS for my scripts was interesting. We wound up at 3 DIFFERENF CVSs before finding one at 5:55 five minutes before they close that had the pain killer instock. To make matters better the first CVS lost my insurance card.

I was still on quite a bit of morphine at CVS though. Now answering questions was more me being stupid as a result of pain medicine. The first CVS asked me for my address and I got half way through thinking I was finished before she asked for the zip code.  Oh right. Sorry. Morphine. The third CVS I was stupid grateful and apologetic to because I hate putting anyone in a bind and it sucks so bad to have someone come in at closing. I know it sucks.

But I have meds for the next attack now. 

The funny thing about the morphing was while it worked eventually for me it didn't work at first and I was nervous about asking for more. They ask what your pain level is and I said 8 because I wasn't crying yet. The second dose maybe brought me down to a 7 initially but over a little bit of time it did help and I was still in pain but comfortable. The third dose was before the cat scan and that finally decreased the pain to a 2.  By time the second dose was wearing down I was no longer shy about needing pain meds.  Oh I don't want that pain anymore. It's coming back and I don't want it!

Everyone in the ER was pretty awesome. I do not like the nausea bags. They look like green massively oversized condones and they have a plastic ring at the top so you can't pinch it to ward of the smell. They also leak as I learned rather quickly. Gross. I should have kept my shopping bag.

The ER is also extremely loud and there was a weird lack of privacy. The room I was in had a door but it was always left wide open. Across from my room was a receiving area that is also a "room," but really just a stretcher with a curtain that hoes around it. There was a person there and every time I moved that person glanced my way. Also when I got there someone was tapping crutches they didn't need on the floor which made me sick and then I over heated so I payed on THAT bathroom floor. I did leave the door open a little with my foot out do they wouldn't think I was missing. They did think I fell though but nope. That's when they gave me the IV which really did a number to cool me off. 

There were loads of nausea triggers which sucked. Other patients mostly, and if I were a different person those other patients would have been frightening to hear.  It's one of those moments when I am totally okay waiting even though it's a trigger because clearly someone needs help more then me.  Those people were at a level 10 pain.  I felt terribly guilty for holding up an entire room for so long but now that I think about it the staff was needed else wear. 

So up until around 11:30 I was mostly ignoring my phone. It was in my bag and I didn't want to look at it but while drinking that terrible drink I wanted to tell my friend in the waiting room that it was going to be a bit still if she wanted to go do things. Instead she came in to hang out with me. 

I was okay responding to text messages slowly so I started getting back to a few people. It's really bittersweet to know people care. Especially since yesterday I had been feeling very isolated and terribly sad. I have lots of friends but most of them are not close by me and I feel more myself after time with my goofy friends. I haven't had that for a bit. I get a bit bothered that I always have to travel too. Like I could do this but I have to drive an hour or two. It's rare people come out to me.  It was really sweet. All the text messages, snapchats, and friends on Facebook.  Snapchat because when I was feeling better I snapped a pic of my insane hair (which I managed to wash before going to the ER).

I was SUPPOSED to be at a work bowling event. We had 5 team members and 3 alternates. I was the captain of course. But when my friend called and said she would get me, I texted everyone letting them know what was going on. I sent a message to the alternates telling them they will most likely be needed because I was going to the ER. I am a terrible bowler but I had been looking forward to hanging out with everyone and having fun. Another time. I hear our team did well too. 

But anyway, I am home and feeling better. I took a nap apparently. I thought I would sleep longer.  Now I just get to go through this tremendous pain over and over until the kidney stone is gone. Yay! 

I am SO HAPPY it's a kidney stone and not my appendix!