Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Year After Shaving My Head

One year ago as of yesterday, I shaved my head for Saint Baldricks. I raised $1,500 for Children's Cancer research and I donated 26" of hair to Children with Hair Loss.  I wouldn't change that decision for anything.

It was an amazing experience having my head shaved.  First of all, as a woman who has never had hair shorter then chin length I had no idea how relaxing a buzzer feels on the head.  Not knowing that is scary though.

Secondly, there is a very emotional side to not having hair.  I found myself feeling uglier then normal on regular days.  I also was somewhat self-conscience in public, especially without a hat until about August.  Everywhere I went I had to expect people to give me curious looks but not really because of the lack of hair in it's self.  It was because people naturally thought I was in chemotherapy.  Particularly when my hair was extremely short.

At work, many people though I was vastly ill and were afraid to ask me.  So they asked my bosses and then they congratulated me and admitted they were worried I was ill.  It was very sweet.  To this day I still have a few people that ask if I was sick, because I have more hair now people who do not know me as well are more comfortable asking.  I am pretty friendly and I am pretty open with people but I can completely understand why they would be shy about asking.

Growing my hair out has been interesting.  I was determined to try to have fun with it and I did to some extent.  At this point, I am just trying to grow it.  From March until around August, it just grew straight out and would not lay down.  It was just a puff ball.  In April, before C2E2 I had a quick buzz to the sides and back so that it was less of a round puff ball.  Once it started laying down I was much happier.

Now it's long enough on top for me to play with it a little bit.  Here is a trip through some of my hair styles this year.  It's been fun.

During the shave!

A shot of my long hair just before the shave.
Directly after the shave.  The cut was uneven and I don't shine in grey. lol.
Blue is a better color.
One month later.  April at C2E2.
June, puff ball hair.  This is my head scarf hiding it.
Awe yeah!  Fun hair!

September before the Dragon Boat race!

September at RetroCon.  I had a weird haircut.
October at NYCC.  Black hair.  I liked this look.
November.  I had a Mohawk for three days before my surgery.
She cut it wrong.
December or January?

February and current look.  It's just growing out.

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