Thursday, March 17, 2016

Super Sick

So I have been super sick the last two weeks. Last night, was a terrible night and today I was lucky enough to happen to have a doctors appointment.

Since being in the ER two Sunday's ago, I am still clearly going through what I am reffering to as pain attacks. Saturday, I was all ready to get going on making Bombshell Black Canary.  I fought my way through an attack to finish the choker before having to lay down.  This was not a bad attack.

Last night, I once again found myself on the bathroom floor in pain and sick. Except now I had painkillers and anti nausea medicine. Just like in the ER the anti nausea did nothing and the pain killers didn't help either.  I just had to suffer. It was so bad at one point I started punching myself in the stomach. Eventually I got terrible sleep on my bathroom floor, but I have found a semi comfortable position where I put my legs on the tub.  It actually helps the pain a little. 

I went to my doctor today. I am so happy this bad attack happened the night before and not the night after.  Her first question was if I had been to the urologist. I have not. I haven't made an appointment because the ER told me to wait until I pass the kidney stone. My doctor said no you go there and the urologist decides if you should pass it or have surgery or other methods.  So that's fun. I love getting the wrong information from the ER. It's been almost two weeks and to think I could have had this think out already. Fail. 

But she gave me a doctor to see and better medicine. A lot of better medicine. I have anti-nausea and a different painkiller to the point that I don't ever have to worry about running out. Unlike the eight the ER prescribed. 

I am hopeful. For today I worked a half day and spent the second half napping and happy to be napping in my bed and not on the floor. Though I guess it's good to know I can sleep on a bathroom floor if I ever really need to in a pinch. Sigh.

This has been a tough year so far.