Monday, March 28, 2016

Thoughts: Daredevil Season 2 - SPOILERS

It's been a week since the Netflix release. I finished the season Monday.  Had I had a normal relaxing weekend I might have finished it Saturday because that's how I roll.  However, I was too ill to watch TV for most of it.

Anyway, clearly there will be spoilers in this post. 


I really don't want to hear about how I posted spoilers. Obviously there will be spoilers.

I liked this season. I am didn't love it.  What I loved was The Punisher. Everything Jon Bernthral did, said, touched was gold and on point. Clearly I have a thing for bad boys. 

I am not completely loving Elektra. I love the casting. She has the look and she has the skills. Absolutely no question about it but she comes across too soft when interacting with people. Elektra doesn't smile and yet she smiles several times on Daredevil. I got into a terrible habit or eye rolling every time she was on screen and just waiting for her to leave which is a problem considering I really enjoy Elektra as a character.

To me it's a strange choice to bring in both Elektra and the Punisher in one season. I found they were very distracting to each others stories instead of enhancing them. I hope there is a future reason as to why they both came in on the same season instead of on separate seasons.

I found it strange that there was a sudden shift of focus from the Punisher being wanted as he broke out of jail to the Hand. Suddenly it's as if the Punisher is pardoned because the show completely changes focus.  This might be left to be addressed in the following season?

Karen is somewhat obsessed with the Punisher (I don't blame her, I would be too).  She's suddenly become a side reporter and breaking into homes.  The Punisher just keeps saving Karen magically as she keeps almost getting killed trying to get the scoop.  So he is semi stalking her as well or she just happens to be everywhere his enemies are.

Foggy winds up doing all the work and complaining a lot. I honestly get tired of hearing him whine. Constantly upset. Constantly.  Someone give him a tranquilizer or a Valium. However, he winds up with a future in the Fearless Defenders which is exciting. I do hope he complains less as his future appear to be quite bright.

Matt winds up pretty much letting everyone down the entire season. They pretty much drop the church aspect for him which is rather sad. He lies to Foggy and Karen.  Winds up dating Karen and then she catches him with Elektra.

Oh Elektra dies which ultimately makes me think this could be lets just kill her off (wasting a new character so soon) or she's being resurrected next season to be a killing machine (ie: black sky).  Which brings up that we don't know much about Black Sky and that's ridiculously exciting.

I did really enjoy the final fight scene when Punisher showed up out of nowhere. He just seems to appear and save the day often.  I like this about him.  I enjoy the anti-hero.

The season seemed a bit all over the place and not really tied together tightly like the first season. I still liked it a lot. However, that opinion is lying heavily on the Punishers involvement with this season and Karen Page.

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