Monday, April 18, 2016

Black Canary Update

Since I am only really sewing on the weekend, I spent all of Sunday working on Bombshell Black Canary!

I got quite a bit done. I finished the waistband on the skirt. I got quite a bit done on the shirt and I am really happy that I was able to match the plaid.  I am converting a stretch zippered collared shirt to a non stretch button down. So far... It's working!!!!!!

The finished skirt with waistband and lining.

The shirt with the sleeves freshly attached.

I was able to not only match up the plaid but switch the sleeves with a puffy sleeve.  I didn't even pay attention to the pattern.  I just winged it. 

The pressed button lines.

A close up of the pressed button lines.

By time I attached the sleeves and did some things around my place, it was too late to sew. So I started working on the button down portion. I ironed the folds on the button lines and pinned it down. So it's set up for the next sewing round. 

The bird applique that I adore!

My favorite piece is the bird appliqué. This would have been way easier if I could have found a patch but even though I recall seeing something similar I couldn't find anything. No bother, appliqué it is!  I can play with the appliqué foot and try out the metallic needle I picked up awhile back. 

I still have to finish the collar (obviously). I need to make the belt, add the buttons to the skirt, make the earrings, and I think I am done. Beyond not having the wig, correct fishnets, and shoes to modify heel (not a big deal).  Sounds like tomorrow I am making a stop at the craft store for Sculpy. I can totally make those earrings anytime.

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