Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bombshell Black Canary Update

I got so much work done on Black Canary yesterday that I might have her semi ready for Free Comic Book day May 5/7.

I have been really bummed lately and I honestly had no desire to sew today, but I dragged myself to sewing machine anyway.  I do want to get this project finished up in time.  The only things I will not have is the proper wig, shoes, and the bra.  However, this is a kid friendly event so I don't need a green bra hanging out.  I will be buttoned up.

So from noon until almost midnight I was cutting and sewing.  I was able to actually make the skirt with the green lining.  It's ridiculously tight because I am not used to working with wet look stretch knit but that's okay by me.  I am really happy I got the lining to work.  It just need the waist band, but by time I got the hem finished it was 8:14pm.  I try very hard to not sew at night because my machine can be heard upstairs.  I also need to add the button detail.

Oh that green lining!

So I moved on to cutting my fabric for the skirt.  I am using the pattern from my Bewitched shirt (and skirt actually).  The shirt pattern is a zippered collar shirt with long sleeves.  Bombshell Black Canary is a button down collar shirt with short puffy sleeves.  To add to the fun it's plaid and I have never worked with plaid.  So fingers crossed I cut it correctly, but I won't know until next weekend.  I do need to figure out how I am going to create the canary's on the collar.  I cannot find a proper applique so of course I will need to make something.

This is actually very clean for me when I sew.

I also finished off the rose for the hair.  I do need to make the earrings.  I also need to make the belt.


I am still bummed about very real things but it was nice to sew today and escape from my thoughts for a bit.

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