Sunday, April 17, 2016

Port Washington Photography

So yesterday, I had the pleasure of being at a wonderful party in Port Washington.  Since I will not be trapezing this weekend, I decided to take the opportunity in a different location to wander the area.

Baxter Pond
Lets be real, of course the idea of driving at least an hour to a day party is draining and knowing the area slightly I knew it would take longer then the hour my GPS and all maps were telling me it would take.  I am not a fool.  So I gave myself a good hour and a half.  For me, getting up at 8 or 7am is mean on a Saturday but I willing to do it for good people because that's what you do do for your friends.  Drive hours in the morning.  Ha.

Anyway, I started researching preserves in the area earlier in the week and many of them close at 4pm which is close to when the party was ending so I crossed those off my list.  Yesterday morning I went onto Nassau County's Parks and Rec page.  I looked up their listing of preserves, active parks, and passive parks.  I found a few of interest but primarily two, Baxter Pond and Leeds Pond Preserve.

The weird this about Leeds Pond Preserve (which also houses the Long Island Science Museum) is that the hours are not posted for both the preserve or the museum.  I did take a trip to this preserve but I found it to be void of what I normally see in preserves and people.  I tried entering the welcome center which was locked with no hours posted and honestly I was a tad too creeped out to wander around the preserve which shows promise of wonderful photography.  There is a small garden (nothing was popping from the soil), a beach area, a marsh, stream, and some other things that are typical to my nature photography.  I was just too weirded out to explore.  Possibly another time if I happen to be in that area.

I did happen to go to Baxer's Pond, Mill Pond (no pictures), and I explored the Port Washington Harbor.  All of these small areas are right by each other so they were not hard to wander by at all.

Baxter's Pond was my favorite and it reminded me of my own local pond Avalon, but much smaller and with a lot less geese.  Except the geese at Avalon don't follow and chase you unless you actually provoke them.  I was taking a picture of daffodils with my back turned to the pond (no where near the geese).  I heard a goose making noise but I wasn't paying attention since I wasn't bothering the geese.  When I stood up I saw a goose eyeing me up from the edge of the water and walking towards me.  For real bro?  You swam to me.  Its possible my bright red dress was not favorable to this goose.  The goose wasn't running towards me and in retrospect the noises were quite thoughtful.  I just walked on and it lost interest.  For about a minute I wondered if I was about to get attacked by a goose for just being.

Port Washington Harbor
The harbor was quite beautiful.  The town itself reminds me of Port Jefferson but with less tourism which is great.  Port Jefferson is a really nice area in the off season but when tourist season rolls around you won't find me there unless I need to be.  Port Washington, however, is in dire need of more crosswalks.  I had parked on the west side of Shore Road, but Baxter Pond is on the east side.  I had to walk quite a bit down either side of Shore Road before I could find a light with a crosswalk.  I did find the area to be really safe.  I had no ill vibes walking around by myself in a dress which is unusual (I also forgot to take my anxiety medication).

Sadly, my camera battery called it quits early on so I couldn't see what I was shooting but I did get a few pictures that I liked enough for editing.  So I have my first photography album since 2012!  It's been awhile since I have been out hiking and I intend to do it more.  Although I would not consider yesterday hiking.

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