Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: HerUniverse Marvel Workout Gear

So how exciting is it that Her Universe released Marvel workout gear?  Awesome right?  Of course I got a pair and I tried it out this weekend to see just how... errrrrr... well it would work for me? Sure that's a good way to put it. Let me explain.

So I stopped at the store Friday afternoon and found the Her Universe section in Juniors where I expected it to be.  Of course, I was attracted to the Black Widow items first but I found I really only liked the one top. I don't like the Iron Man items at all. We couldn't have gotten Hulk?  That would have been much better. I did like the One Captain America design.  For real though, there were LOADS of Iron Man on the racks.  I smell discounts in the future.

Being that I was in Juniors and judging my typical sizes in Juniors, I quickly grabbed a large pant and two tops (a large and a medium).  The pants fit perfectly.  The tops were a whole different ball game.

I typically buy my sports bras a size smaller because when a girl is "busty" we tend to want to contain them during sports as much as we can. That way they are not trying to crack us in the chin or knock the wind out of us.  I started with the large thinking this is Juniors and they would be made smaller a like the pants. Nope. I was swimming in it!  I tried the medium and I thought it could work for light gym workouts but that's not what I do. It was still way too big. However, the band fit but the actual top did not. So I went back perplexed that I was about to try a SMALL in juniors. What twilight zone did I just enter?  

I put this top on and I nearly suffocated. Then I realized I grabbed extra small. When I finally grabbed the small it fit much better. So Goldilocks here tried every size except extra large. You're welcome!

The pants are great. The blue doesn't appear to be see-through like the black on Black Widows (hello Lulu Lemon pants?). The white stripe on side is see-through.  I didn't really expect thick opaque white on these pants but it's only the side hip you need worry about. So it's not a big deal.  They also didn't move around much during my training today.  I am usually straightening my pants out about a quarter of the time.  I do believe the high waist (thought I tend to not like those) helped keep them in place.

The top has a few issues for me. I noticed immediately when trying these on that they were not cut like normal sports bras. The front seems to be cut lower which I don't mind much, as long as everything stays in place.  What does bug me is that the sides do not have enough coverage as I would like.  The top is also not adjustable. This is fairly typical but it would help with the side coverage issue. 

When I put the top on this morning before trapeze I had to do the scoop (the ladies get it) to not feel like I was somewhat slipping out the sides (from both sides).  This side boob issue was less so with the smaller size and a bigger issue in the medium. So you can see why I kept the small?

In static trapeze today I asked a peer to take some pictures of me hanging upside down.  I don't normally train in a sports bra and pants. I had a tank top on prior to this but I really wanted to see how the top held up with gravity and what didn't hold up and what not.  Granted most women are not doing static trapeze but let's agree many do yoga and that involves inverted positions. Pole dancing is becoming more popular as well as aerial yoga and many other new exercise regimes that involve inverting.

In a normal sports bra that side boob would not be visible. 

It looks like the top is barely working, but hey arms!  My chest is confused. Center or sides? Why do they suddenly have options?????

I seriously derped out on smiling. The side cut seems to have to do with the low back but it didn't need to cut so sharply.  Regardless I will still wear it because I wear layers anyway and if I ever don't it's normally me and the same ladies.

Overall, I like the set but I wish the top had more coverage especially since it's juniors. I didn't develop to this size until my late 20s. I wouldn't expect a junior to even fit in the tops.  Definitely try these before buying and do acrobatics in the dressing room. Jump, shake it, try to do a hand stand, touch your toes and see if anything fall out of place. I can't tell you how many times I hopped around in the dressing room.

This is a thing guys.  It's totally a thing. 

Oh, if you're interested you can check out the HerUniverse line at Kohls!  It has pants, shirts, sports bras, and tanks!