Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016

While I skipped last year, I returned to Comic Fusion this year as a volunteer to take pictures with comic fans dressed as Bombshell Black Canary.

The costumers at the storefront.

I haven't been out to Comic Fusion in over a year and it was so nice to take a trip out.  Scarily, I had been having some wild chunks of insomnia for the last few weeks and Friday night was no different.  While driving down one of the most boring highways on Long Island (Southern State), I actually nearly passed out at the wheel.  This is something that has been happening to me lately.  I seem to not be able to stay asleep for more then an hour but once I start driving I start getting painfully drowsy.  It's not a problem when I am not traveling long distances.  In this case I was traveling a long distance.  I decided to jump off the highway and hunt down a Starbucks.  I have never in my life drank a venti latte faster (nor do I order venti ever and I haven't been drinking caffeine).  The caffeine helped but it wasn't a fix.  I was still pretty out of it until I made it to the Staten Island.  It really took getting off a boring highway to somewhere where there were things to engage my brain. Clearly, I survived getting to New Jersey.

Because of my needed coffee detour I wound up being 15 minutes late (which I accurately guessed).  However, I had to change which I did in the parking lot.  NO SHAME.

I didn't really "change" in the parking lot.  My outfit driving out was picked so that it would make it easier to switch into my costume.  I already had my green camisole on, my dance tights were on, all my makeup except my lipstick was on, and I wore a skirt that I was able to pull the costume skirt on underneath.  I know what I am doing.  I got smart this time and I brought one of my small stand up mirrors.  This greatly helped with my wig and lipstick.  All my other items when on top.  I had the fishnets over the dance tights (because it was cold out).  So in reality I probably really showed up ready to go at 12:30pm.  Oddly I have timed my departure so I would get there about 11:45am.  I failed.  Next time.

The whole outfit!
As a costumer at the shop, Free Comic Book Day is always fun because it's relaxed.  I was able to catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile.  A little girl I have known for a few years now was suddenly shy with me.  It was adorable.  One of my convention friends happens to live in the area so he came by.  Yay!  I promoted well!

Most of all I got to spend time with my girl Amber.  We went out to dinner afterwards at Fridays and I did the typical vegetarian things where I ordered an appetizer and sides.

Everyone!  Comic Fusion's Stacy, the creators, and the costumers!
It was a really great day.  I was fine driving home but I barely remember anything about when I got home, other then it was 9:45pm.  I left at 9am.  It was a long day for me.

Oddly, Sunday while heading home from trapeze I started to fall asleep driving AGAIN.  Now I did get a really good nights sleep Saturday night.  I did not want to wake up but I slept well.  It was the first time in weeks.  So I was wiggling around on 495 and decided to get off at an exit where I thought there would be businesses but instead I wound up in a residential area. I pulled up in front on a home with a white fence and took an hour nap before continuing home.  I could have slept longer.  I have no idea what my deal is lately with this passing out while driving thing.  It's so not okay.

Here is where you can check out Comic Fusion!
Their Website: Click Here
Their Facebook Page:  Click Here
Twitter: ComicFusion

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