Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bruises and Burns

I love my bruises and burns. Each and everyone of them. I even have a scar on my wrist from my trapeze now. I can't remember how I got it but it's there and I remember it being a little torn up after class.

I fully intended to write this after my previous class but I got home late and the days flew by as I was getting work and chores done while prepping to visit family in upstate NY. 

I have been slowly coaxed back into a trick I haven't attempted in years. I stopped for a very good reason but now it's holding me back and I am in a good place to start trying again.

The trick?  Forward and backward hip circles. 

I stopped trying to attempt forward hip circles several years ago. It kicked off a nasty series of neck pain and the last time I had tried I gave myself terrible whiplash.  I also had an experience where I didn't make it around and nearly clocked myself in the FACE with the STEEL BAR.  Because of that I started flinching when I tried the trick.  I never tried backward hip circles.  Although we did attempt to learn them many years back.

Last Sunday, I did a backward hip circle which I don't particularly like but like I am told it is MUCH easier.  It really is getting over falling backward and trusting yourself.

I also did my first successful forward hip circle.  I didn't land back where I started but I did it.  I wound up crashing down on my left arm when my hips lost the connection to the bar and I wound up on my ribs instead of my hips. Thank goodness for my breasts because THEY caught the bar under them. Ha!

So I have this rather gross bruise under my left arm.  I am so proud of it.  It's my hip circle badge of honor.

I also wound up with a small rope burn on my right collar bone and a bruise on my foot as well.  From the previous class I had a nasty bruise on my hip with rope burns on the back, and bruises/burns on my legs.  I look tattered at times but it's a sign of me actually working myself and I love it.

I did wind up with some pretty wild neck pain the day after I did the hip circle but, unlike the previous time, it went away fast. 

My right arm was swished in a rope.

Rope burn.

Left Elbow.  It's pretty gross in person and VERY visible.

Rope Burn and pressure bruise that got pretty big.  Two weeks later and it finally healed.