Monday, July 25, 2016

Marvel Nail Wraps!!!!!

A day or two ago my mega awesome Jamberry sales consultant Tara sent out an email featuring the brand new Marvel nail wraps!

Note: This post was written nearly two weeks prior to being published.  I was not aware the publish had failed.  These wraps have been out for a little bit now.

I was really excited to check them out. There are 4 adult wraps and one junior wrap. 

I am a bit disappointed that of the 4 designs Black Widow is not among them. Also when compared to the Classic Disney designs these lack in variety and design.  However, that means there is room to grow and hopefully this is only the beginning. We are now on the second sets of limited Classic Disney wraps so maybe we will see more Marvel in the future. 

Of the designs, two feature Captain America, one features Iron Man, and one features Avengers comic book pages (my favorite).

Check them out. They are part of the buy 3 get 1 free and $18 a sheet. Remember you get two uses out of one sheet. 

I will fix this crazy link when I am on the PC. Mobile doesn't have those options. 

My favorite!