Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday in the City

To the dismay of my bank account, I spent Saturday in Manhattan.

It was worth it.

I was originally considering heading to the city for a show but it was canceled. A day or two later a friend planned a small birthday get together.  I considered it for awhile until I finally said yes. 

For a change I was being invited to see friends regardless of my location and the reality is I need to be out and seeing people. This is what I need. 

It's crazy to me that I feel truly home in the city. It was in the 90's and I spent a good portion of the day trying to find Spandex World only to learn they moved after I wandered two miles to the old location. By time I got to the gated closed store, I was drenched with sweat. Gross but true. So I hit up Starbucks for a frappuccino and air conditioning. I then wandered up to the Disney Store.  

It seems there is a new thing by the now boarded up Toys R Us where the characters (including the Naked Cowboy) are restricted to a green rectangle with a sign saying tips are customary.  I really wanted to try to ask if that meant they no longer charge, but seeing how this is how some people make a living it doesn't seem plausible.  For a change I did not see 20 Elmo's. I don't recall seeing any Elmo's. 

By the time I left the Disney Store it started pouring!  I did not bring an umbrella because the forecast I read did not call for rain. Sigh. I waited most of it out in Sephora and made my way to Walgreens for and umbrella. By time I left Walgreens with an umbrella the rain ended. I spent $16 on a really crappy umbrella that I wound up not needing. My life.

I then headed to the movie theater to meet up with everyone. I have always wanted to go to the movies in the city. It seems kind of silly since I can get the same experience out here, but I have always been curious about it.  It certainly a tad different. The actual theaters are upstairs. Out here we have massive buildings with 20 theaters all on the same floor.  Except PJ Cinema which is a small 2 floor. They have 2 theaters downstairs and 4 or so upstairs. This theater had several levels with the first just being for ticketing and we didn't have to buy them there. We bought them upstairs.  Of course their were recliners. I am spoiled by those these days.

We saw the new Ghostbusters and I LOVED IT. Loved it. The cast had amazing energy.  My interest in this movie was purely peaked by the outrage over it. I am not a huge Ghostbusters fan. I don't remember the original movies. I do remember really liking the cartoon.  This Ghostbusters I can get into for sure and I kind of want to watch the old ones now.  I loved Holtzmann.  That goofy energy is everything.

However, I wound up having an anxiety attack towards the end of the movie. So I wound up cutting my time with the group short and bee lined it back towards Penn Station. 

It was so worth it today.  It's awesome to get out, see people, and be invited. Half the time I feel people just don't want me around. So it felt good. Granted sometimes I can't go when invited and today just worked out but it still felt really good. I also spent a lot of time chatting with two friends online during my travels.

Here I am at home. I didn't make it here until nearly midnight but still worth it.