Saturday, July 23, 2016

There is Nothing like Having Working A/C

Last year, I was forced to get a new vehicle since my mass cylinder was shot.  That was March of 2015 and when the warmer months came rolling around, it turned out that the air conditioning was not operating properly.  Fail.

Having a vehicle this summer that I don't feel free to drive anywhere in because I nearly pass out from the heat and humidity every time I get in it has not done me any favors in regard to mental health.  I need that freedom.  It's essential to me.  Especially since I drive to Brooklyn every Sunday.  My last trapeze class saw me half passed out on the floor because I had been in the heat too long.  I walked in covered in sweat and it become more apparent just how wet you are when you hit cold air and can suddenly feel it.  I am glad I skipped the tights on the car ride in because they would have been drenched as the temperature outside hit 96 degrees.  I have no idea what it was in my car but it was not a fun drive even though I did begin to get used to it.

Today I had taken a day off from work and I decided (since my original plans changed) to get this air conditioning situation looked at.

Last year I did try to hit it with the AC Recharge but it did not help.  While doing that my neighbor popped by and noticed that the compressor was turning on and shutting right back off.  So naturally I would think the compressor is shot.  However this car is only 3 years old.

So I went to the shop I typically go to and then walked a bit to get some food.  By time I came back they already had the car diagnosed.  It's pretty cool to have an appointment.  It appeared to be the system was OVERCHARGED.  With this car I do not find that surprising, it seems to be overcharged everywhere in there.  I also had a weird issue with the fan.  I already had an inkling what that was because I do internet research before bringing the car into the shop.

When I got the car I noticed the fan would be off on number one.  Something that's easily overlooked as the off is a separate knob.  As time went on I then noticed number two did not work.  A few months later and I could only operate the fan on four which meant I had the defroster on a lot.

So I had already looked up what was going on as the fan speeds kept dying off.  I was pretty sure it was the fan resistor and I needed a new one.  Turns out I did.

I spent an hour or so waiting around until my car was done.  I am actually in shock that I can put the fan on one AND have air conditioning.  I don't need to have the radio up so I can hear it over the wind and when I do have it up it's somewhat contained in my car.  I can keep the windows up so idiots don't hit on me through the window, nor the guy that waits at the light after exit 32B off the BQE (you know what I am talking about if you have been there).

I love being able to have the windows up and be in my own space in my car.  There is no one to tell me to turn off the light, no one above or below me, nothing... just my space.  Mine.  I might start liking this car more now.  I got her new tires in the spring so I am hoping she will be good for the winter too.

It was 3pm when I left the shop, so I hit up the park to walk a few laps and play Pokemon Go.  I then drove out to Moe's for a late lunch and I can't explain how much I love having the air conditioning.  I actually got super emotional over it on my drive to Moes.  It's very much needed here on Long Island.  To an extent I can get away with out it in my apartment, but not in the car.  In fact, last night I left the AC off in the apartment.  I didn't need it.  I typically run it only at night because I get really warm when I sleep but last night I was cold when I went to bed without it on.

Hopefully next class in Brooklyn I will not be laying in the mat drenched because I walked in that that way.