Saturday, July 30, 2016

Vegan Cookies!

I made vegan cookies. I can't even explain the awesomeness of this....

So I have a get together today with some amazing friends and their friends.  They happen to be vegan.  I am a vegetarian and I do eat eggs, sometimes milk but only for cooking certain things like mac and cheese (almond milk just doesn't work).  So knowing I wanted to bring something I decided to try my hand at vegan cookies.

I knew I could not make snickerdoodles vegan, not easily anyway.  I am not sure if there is an adequate substitute for cream or tartar, which is not vegan.  I figured I could make chocolate chip cookies but I would have to go all out and use carob chips because if I am trying something I might as well go for it right?

I decided on peanut butter cookies.  I haven't made peanut butter cookies in a while and I got the thumbs up from my friends.  I am always concerned about peanut allergies.  I use Crisco's recipe which contains peanut butter, brown sugar, flour, crisco, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, baking soda, and salt.  The only obvious items I needed to change were the milk and eggs.  I have already made peanut butter cookies with soy milk many times.  This time I swapped the milk with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I swapped the eggs with BANANAS.

"This s*** is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"

I also used natural peanut butter.  I am pretty selective with nut butters these days and I have recently fallen hard for sunflower butter.  It's a lighter consistency but it doesn't separate like natural peanut butter does.  I also like cashew butter, but not almond butter oddly enough.

I searched through the grocery store aisle for a natural peanut butter that fit my standards.  I found Teddie's unsalted peanut butter.  It's literally just peanuts.  It's perfect.  I refuse to believe that peanut butter needs added sugar and salt.  Plus reading about how the natural peanut butter could change the taste helped solidify that decision.  Depending on the peanut butter if it has salt but no sugar the cookies can taste a touch saltier.  I also liked the lack of too much oil separation in the jar.  In fact, when I when to work with the peanut butter it was the easiest to work with of any natural peanut butters I have tried.

So my cookies came out awesome.  You really wouldn't know the egg is not there.  You also cannot taste the banana.  They are super tasty.  Next time I am going to mash the banana before throwing it in though.  I wasn't really thinking when I tossed it in.

Another thing I will be doing next time I bake cookies is using non-GMO organic flour.  Wheat is harvested in a pretty toxic manner.  To make harvesting easier farmers drench the wheat in round up and basically kill it all with pesticides.  Once it dies, they can harvest the wheat.  However, the pesticides are not always washed off.  I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but it winds up in the flour and there are theories out there that suggest many gluten sensitivities are really a reaction to the pesticides in the wheat.  Regardless of whether pesticides are in the there or not, I decided to try to be more organic and switch my breads and such over.  However, for these cookies I still had flour on hand so I was not about to waste it.

But really, these cookies are seriously good.


The final product!  They look just like my regular Peanut Butter Cookies.