Monday, August 29, 2016

Blood Donation

After many years, I finally gave blood again today. I started giving blood in 2009 and did it quarterly until sometime in 2010. 

I stopped because I came down with mono and Epstien-Barr.  Technically I still haven't been cleared to give blood again as several years of blood work showed the EBV active in my system.  However, it's been six years too long. Time certainly flies by and with it I forgot things. 

My job hosts blood drives four times a year.  I went sort of during lunch time and they were actually slow.  Since it had been awhile I managed to forget my ID and my Blood Donor card (which has my blood type and info).  I keep my Blood Donor card in my wallet at all times. However, everything is computerized now.  Hello 2016!!!!  So they were able to look up my blood donor ID barcode which went with me throughout the new process. 

Gone were the carbon paper forms, nod I only had to scan my ID and answer the questions on the touch screen. I have been very much considering getting at least one more piercing but I haven't yet so I got to check off no. You need to wait a year after a new piercing or tattoo. 

I was scanned again where they checked my vitals and even my iron was at a good healthy amount. Years ago my iron was always elevated which actually is not good for the body. 

I took my barcode over to the waiting area for the actual donation. I have gained about 15 pounds since my last donation.  I am not happy about that, but you would think it might help with blood donation. Apparently not.

As usual I got nauseous, dizzy, and warm but because of my first experience donating with NY Blood Center I knew to try to get help immediately.  Back in 2009 I let myself get super sick before alerting anyone and j wound up in there for a good hour and a half before they let me leave. Today, I caught the attention of one of the ladies there and they immediately laid me down, put my feet up, and and ice pack behind my head.  Before I knew it my donating portion was done.  They still kept me for a bit but not nearly as long. 

After the donating was done, she had me lay there for 5 minutes, then lifted the stretcher, I laid there for 5 more minutes, then lifted the stretcher once again, I laid another 5 minutes, and she got me apple juice and pretzels.  She walked me to the table as well where I sat for possibly another 5 minutes before I stumbled back to my office. In retrospect I should have sat a little longer only because twice I went wobbly on the way back in the hallway.

My mistakes were not bringing my ID and Donor card, not eating a bigger breakfast (I had French toast and a banana), and not alerting the lady setting me up for donation that I have a tendency for nearly blacking out.  I used to make sure I ate a bigger breakfast prior to blood donation. I can't turn time back around but maybe next time I will remember. 

I am painfully jealous of people who can donate and just get up and leave right after.  I watched two people do, but of course they were both male and bugger then me.  Sigh. 

I am sort of considering donating platelets again too. I tried once and it was not the best of times.