Monday, August 15, 2016

New Costume Coming

Up until about a week ago, I was not sure if I would be attending JemCon this year.

As much as I want to attend the convention was the start of what was ultimately a terrible thing for me and there is a person I would rather not see anytime soon.  Possibly eventually, but certainly not in the next month.  Lets not forget proper budgeting and finances were an issue as well.

However, I have decided to attend anyway.  While on the fence I was hunting around for costume ideas and I went through several ideas that I will hold onto for a future time.  One of them is what I am going to start making.

It's not often I wind up inspired to create a costume from Instagram, but it happened.  I had searched through several characters and their wardrobes for the entire Jem run and nothing really grabbed me until I saw this post on Instagram.  Something about seeing the outfit in actual fabric grabbed me and I took a screenshot as a possibility.

Isn't it lovely?!?!?!

It also fits in with the vintage styling I have been working with lately.

I went back into wwjemgirl's Instagram and found that she also posted the model cell of the fashion!  So the back of the dress is visible enough to see the needed parts.

So great!  I am super excited.  I started taping up my dress form tonight to hopefully custom pattern the top because of course mock neck sleeveless tops are not in right now.  Although I do own a few...

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