Tuesday, August 16, 2016

School Supply Donations

So when I was paid last, I rushed out to my usual places because I was in need of things in my home. 

My usual haunt is Target. This is pretty known by people I am close with. I even worked there for a year because I figured I should get paid for the amount of time I spent there. 

So I am wandering around Target and I was stunned and excited to see a brand new Kitty Pryde Legends figure. It's not like X-Men toys are released often and I had no idea this series was coming out. Gleefully I put her in my car regardless of the dent in the back of the box. 

As I was wandering the aisles, I kept thinking about how I don't need this $20 action figure and that she is going to stay in the box until she winds up resold at some point.  I tend to cycle out toys like this. I then remembered my job is doing an annual school supply collection for low income families. 

I decided the $20 would be better spent on school supplies for kids.  So I returned Kitty to her peg and went school shopping.

I wound up spending about $15 between Target and Walmart. It was $9.52 at Target and the only items I bought at Walmart were pencils, erasers, and wide ruled loose leaf.  At Target I got the kids a bunch of stuff. 

I just put everything together so hopefully if I remember I will be dropping it off tomorrow. Feels good.