Thursday, September 1, 2016

Flurry's New Wings

I recently picked up Flurry, a Windy Wing pony, from a friend of mine. Alas she was wingless!

I already knew that there was a shop on etsy with reproduction wings.  However, she did not have replica Flurry wings. I thought about picking a pair closer to her wing style but they were repros of other winger ponies.  I decided on a custom jeweled pair since they were their own design. 

Any tutorial involving these wings will tell you to glue the wings.  I am hopeful that someday I will find Flurry replicas. So I knew I didn't want to use glue.

I went to Ace Hardware and picked up a M3 flat machine screw, M3 nut, and two different M3 washers. The washers did not work out but I wasted only fifty cents. I also hit up Michaels for bent nose pliers. I already had a pair of locking but taking the remains of her broken wings out nearly destroyed my locking pair. 

I wound up taking a small piece of shipping tape and carefully placing it around the center of the replacement wings. I then used my eyelet hole maker to push a 3/8" hole in the center. One of the problems was that the center wing opening was too big, so I made it smaller. 

I took Flurry's head off, then I placed my wings and screw in position. I put the nut in the bent nose pliers and while holding the screw down with the screwdriver I eventually got the nut underneath and screwed until it was perfectly tight. 

Next her head went back on and her back piece. She's so much happier looking now and I am happy the wings are not permenant. 

Wing replacements can be found at ShadowOnTheMoon on Etsy.