Sunday, September 11, 2016

Random NYC Adventure

I needed to be out of my apartment today because the heating pipes were being replaced. 

They were starting at 8am and my being there wasn't going to be productive or helpful. I mean the entire apartment is packed up so all I could do was watch people work and I find that counterproductive. If I was the plumber, being watched would certainly slow me down. 

So I went to NYC and stayed with a friend for the weekend. It helps that I also have class in Brooklyn on Sunday. So I can jet that way tomorrow on the subway quite easily.  Bonus, I now have a locker at the gym so I did not need to bring my trapeze with me. 

Today my friend had to work, last night another friend asked me if I was still free. I went on numerous sites and thought about finally walking the Brooklyn bridge, but this morning I settled on something much more me.  Finally going to the Cental Park Zoo!!!!

I am so happy we went. I squealed many times over the cute animals and glanced at snakes.  The cranes, the red panda, the PENGUINS!!!!  Those penguins are the best. Plus their area is air conditioned. Pow!

It was so hot in the city.  Humid and sticky. I am quite glad to be in AC at the moment. 

Afterwards, I traveled to Harlem.  I had never been to Harlem but another friend was having her birthday party at home. Lucky me, the stop I need to get off at was RIGHT BY THE APOLLO THEATER!!!!  So I grew up watching Showtime at the Apollo and I know about all the legends it's produced. I was a half drooling tourist the minute I saw the marquee. It's not like I had tickets and they were not open for a performance, so I didn't go inside but being there seeing the outside in real life was really cool. It's much smaller then I expected.  From the outside it looks more like a small old fashioned movie theater. 

I then headed to my friends. She had a game night. I lost play Catan but I did have Longest Road twice. Honestly I put my settlements in good places but not near high rolling numbers. Oh well. It was fun in good company. She has some pretty great friends. 

To make it back to where I am staying I took my first Uber!!!!  I had a super sweet passenger with me named William.  There was no way in hell I was taking the subway back at 11:30pm in Harlem. If the train I needed ran more often maybe but it doesn't and my Uber only costed $5.00. Totally worth it. 

The heating renovation wound up getting canceled in my apartment but this weekend was just what I needed. I got to see several friends and tomorrow I get to trapeze.  I have not been in the best spirits and I needed this.