Friday, September 30, 2016

When It Rains, It Pours

It's been a very weird month and a particularly trying week.

To be honest, the last year has been a personal nightmare for me.  From false friends to demoted job responsibilities and everything in-between.  This month in particular has been pretty tough but I am dealing oddly well.

So I had to pack up my apartment right after Labor Day because the heat was going to be fixed.  All the furniture needed to be pulled away from heating walls, everything in the cabinets needed to be pulled out, and I put a lot of things in storage.  Basically anything that could not get damaged by temperature fluctuation went into storage, which means my ponies did not go into storage.  I went to the city the following weekend and by the end of Saturday was alerted that the plumber canceled.  So I have lived the last three weeks basically out of boxes.  In a way it's been fun and I have discovered more things I can live without.  So I have even more boxes of items to donate.  I can have 380 ponies but I do NOT need 8 plates (4 being plastic).  Priorities right?  But in all fairness I really do not need 8 plates, nor a million glasses, or 7 throw pillows.  I mean I am a bit pillow crazed but I can cut back.  I can.

Work hasn't been the best, but I have been pushing through my days with little emotion.  This past Saturday was my Granny's memorial, and Monday I visited family while the heat was actually repiped.  Yay!

However, Tuesday/Wednesday my debit card was compromised.  While reporting this to Chase Bank, I asked the customer service rep if I would find out how this happened at some point and he just kept telling me to not share my bank account information.  I mean really?  When I told him I never have, he repeated what he said.  Sigh.  I have to wait for my new card but today I went to withdraw money at the teller window and she said it can happen anywhere anytime basically.  It was nice to hear someone NOT tell me to not share my bank account info to avoid compromising my account.

I was lucky enough to catch the hacking early.  I caught it, not the bank.  Its the end of the month and I painstakingly logged into my account so I could check my budgeting for rent and such.  I saw Tuesday my card was run 4 times at Dunkin Donuts and on Wednesday 2 times at Dunkin Donuts and once at Subway.  All of these were done at the same Dunkin Donuts and the store number was listed.  I looked it up and its in Harlem on 125th east of the Apollo.  Now I was recently in Harlem (for the first time) and I was on 125th but I did not walk east of the Apollo.  I was on the west side.  Subway is a place I have not stepped foot into since becoming a vegetarian over three years ago.

Now I had reached my emotional peak for the day on Wednesday.  When I got home my landlord asked to talk to me but I told her it was not a good night and it wasn't.  I knew if I took on anymore I was going to become a basketcase.  I was already upset from my bank account being hacked.  Well Thursday, we chatted and I need to find a new apartment which overall is not terrible.  However, it's the pain of actually moving that is not fun.  It would be nice to be closer to work or in a 2nd floor apartment.  I just saw an add for a co6ttage that is less then I am paying now and closer to work.

The real stinker is the new second job I am starting might be out of the way.  I intentionally applied because it was on my way home from work.  Oh well.  I will just have to sleep less.  Sigh.

And now I think I may go to sleep.  I am exceptionally exhausted from this week.