Sunday, October 9, 2016

Broken Zipper is now a Fixed Zipper

At JemCon this year, I had the misfortune of having the zipper on my dress break and bust open. 

Either tonight or tomorrow, I am replacing the zipper. Tonight, I took the broken zipper out and fixed it.

Originally I thought the zipper was a goner but when I took it out I remembered that I used to be pretty decent at getting a zipper back on it's correct track. 

You can see in the above pictures what happened. I personally think this Zipper was defective. I have never had a zipper break whether it be invisible or not.  The fun part was trying to get out of the dress with the zipper pull suck at unfortunate areas.  I was able to escape my dress!

Here is the zipper after being seam ripped out and freed from all the little threads. 

I didn't take a picture showing how off the thread on the zipper was but it was pretty decent. With the pull at the top and the entire tread open underneath I kept pulling and tugging on the sides to pop them back into place.  Eventually, I won. 

There she is with the bottom set correctly again!

Now the entire zipper fixed and zipped up.  Being that I do believe this zipper is defective, I will not be using again for anything substantial.  Maybe a skirt zipper but nothing requiring the entire length as I do not trust it. 

But yay, it's out and fixed!