Monday, November 21, 2016

Leaking Shower Head

I finished painting my new apartment this evening.  I fully intend to paint the trim at some point but definitely not now.  One thing that is inherently bothersome is the dripping shower head.  However, I realized that for me and my experiences, this is actually an exceptionally good thing.

I am about to tell you something that I am not proud of but my living situation forced me to do.  This was 100% not my choice.

Back in January/February my apartment (the entire house also) lost heat several times.  Most of the time I would contact my landlord, she would call service, and by time I was home the heat would be working again.  From maybe November of 2015 until the house started loosing heat, I had been having issues with hot water.  Knowing better, I didn't mention it or complain about it.  It was what it was and I had hot water to luke warm water for enough time to get what I needed done.  I have always had issues running bath water (tonight being no exception).

Two days in a row back in January/February we lost hot water in the morning.  The first time it happened I was asked if I had been using the hot water in the morning.  I had washed dishes in the morning, so yes I had but it had also been an odd day where the water stayed the right temperature while doing so.  At this time I let them know about the water temperature issues.  The following morning I was asked again when the hot water was down if I had been running hot water, this time I had not been.  Both times, I was asked to use less water after the hot water was back on.  In fact, almost every time I saw the landlady I was asked to use less water.

When I was using so little water that it was to wash dishes and boil water for my lunches on Sundays, plus take only ONE SHOWER A WEEK.  I was again asked to use less water.  I was nearly in tears and since that day I have let dishes pile up and I have taken terrible care of my hygiene because I have been out in a position where I am made terribly uncomfortable to do so.  I have skipped staying at friends because I felt too grimy and now it is showing in my skin terribly (although it is starting to stop).  I mean who breaks out on their EARLOBE?!?!  It's awful and it's done nothing but aid to my terrible depression and anxiety this past year.  I feel guilty running water.  I literally can not take care of myself because I am told not to.  Meanwhile, I know water is ridiculously inexpensive.

So the heat, until very recently I had no idea that heat in the house was run on water.  Hot water running through the pipes on a relay is what makes the heat work.  I admitted known very little about heating systems.  The reason the heat kept shutting off was because there was a water leak in the heating system and in the apartment.  They never found the leak, but this aided to increased tension, my depression, and of course my water usage.  The heat was "fixed" in September and I haven't heard anything since about me using too much water, but so much damage has been done.

However, my new apartment has a leaking shower head.  I intend to get this fixed.  As I was painting the bathroom and being annoyed by this constant drip that also splashed out of the shower and on to the floor, I had to appreciate it.  There is a LEAK.  There is water being wasted every second.  This apartment was shown to people with a leaking shower head.  This says to me that these are not people that care much about their water usage.  These are not people that are going to ask me to not run water.  This apartment may be small but I can start getting back to taking better care of myself.  That is a great thing to know.