Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Up and Up

It occurred to me that after a somber post, I should update on my current state. 

Things are looking up. I still do not feel I have purpose but even without that I am better regardless.  My retail job is helping a lot.  Getting out and helping customers is pretty effective for me.

More so, I am finally moving. No more cricket infested apartment.  I am really excited about my new apartment. I am more excited that I am not struggling to make the double 1st months rent. 

It's a small studio, above ground, and the landlords are the sweetest.  It's not really the amount of space I am looking for but I really liked the landlords.  The area is nice and I know tons of people around.  The hard part is getting someone to help me move on a THURSDAY.  Thursday is the 1st and I want to be out of here as quick as I can. I fully intend to rent a truck and be out with one trip. 

I don't have much furniture but a decent amount of boxes.  I get to paint the new place. I intend to do the main area pale blue and the bathroom lavender.  Currently the main room is an orange-yellow and the bathroom is pink.  I love yellow but not on my walls and for some reason every apartment has yellow walls.  I also like pink but it's a small bathroom and the pink is too much. It also will not match my bathroom stuff.  I love painting too!

I very much feel like I have taken the first steps towards finding joy again.