Monday, December 12, 2016

Brooken Tooth

So last week was certainly an interesting one and it started with me breaking my tooth on Tuesday.

I was at work around 4:30pm and as I did daily was chewing on hard candy. I know. That's terrible for teeth. I get it. Anyway, I am chewing along and the hard candy is not breaking down like usual. I pulled a piece out and realized it was part of my tooth. Yes, I destroyed the piece that broke off. 

I also had tiny fragments all over in my mouth. Thankfully, I still have a toothbrush kit at work from several years ago.  So I brushed my teeth and took a good look before leaving work for my second job. 

The odd thing was it didn't hurt. My tooth did not hurt. I wasn't quite sure if a filling broke or the actual tooth but I had no pain or sensitivity. 

I went to my second job and I was overly concerned with my mouth. I knew it wasn't visible and it wasn't cutting my mouth but it felt weird on my cheek.  When I finally got home I took a pain killer in case it started getting painful while I was sleeping. 

On Tuesday, I had been lucky enough to secure an appointment with my dentist Dr Lee for the following day. So Wednesday I left work early and went to see Dr Lee. I haven't seen him in awhile admittedly. I have had my teeth cleaned but it was on his off days. So I was with the hygienist. 

Dr Lee semi handled my root canal a few years back. It was unfortunate at the first visit we could not locate the naughty tooth because I was in so much pain he couldn't run tests besides X-rays and it wasn't showing up on X-rays. It's those moments when your crying the dentist waiting room at 8am as a walkin in from pain that makes me be totally okay waiting when other people have dental emergencies pushing my appointment way back. 

So I was back with Dr Lee and he determined that my tooth had cracked off around a filling.  He took the old filling out, replaced it, and rebuilt my tooth.  That man is amazing with novacaine. I did not feel that needle one bit.  Because I wasn't in dental pain I didn't feel anything in regards to my tooth being fixed. 

It's technically not the first time a tooth has broken on me. I had one break many years ago. My far left top molar. One day I happened to notice it was sharp. I wound up having it pulled since it was not a smile tooth and as it turns out they couldn't have saved it anyway. It shattered as they pulled it. 

I try to take good care of my teeth. I am not perfect. I rarely floss but I do try.  It's important to save your teeth.