Sunday, December 4, 2016

Moving Forward

It's been a terribly busy last few weeks.  Thanksgiving was bonkers working two jobs and retail on Thursday and Friday, but this week I moved!

Not only did I move but I had the pleasure of seeing Chix 6 at La Mama theater for its last performance today.

At some point I will totally write about moving. The huge pluses and the frustrations because boy were there some.  I started a post about working retail on Thanksgiving but I was too exhausted to finish. 

I need to tell you all about Chix 6. I wish I had seen it back in 2011 during its original run. It hit home for me on so many levels I was a thought away from balling my eyes out in the theater.  I cry at movies. I cry when other people are crying (including animated characters).  Its a thing I do. It's an empath thing.  I have never cried in the theater.

For now I must try to sleep in this mess of a place. Oddly I am mostly unpacked. The kitchen mess is mostly boxes.  I also have things to bring to storage but I have to clear storage out before I can do that. This is why I have mass amounts of big empty boxes in the kitchen. Lol.