Monday, December 5, 2016

Moving Frustrations

What's moving without added stress?

Before I talk about the good stuff let's get the not so good stuff out of the way and trust that I am in fact quite happy regardless. 

Three unique things went off track during moving. 

When the idea of me first moving came up a good friend offered to help me move (I needed it because some things I can't do on my own), offering to take time from work to do so, I was naturally hopefully and delighted about this. However when the date was set and a Thursday it was heartbreakingly clear they were not going to help.  No bother. 

Another friend offered to help and take off work but I hadn't gotten a firm yes. So I asked a coworker who doesn't work at the hospital on Fridays. When I got confirmation from him I went and booked the moving truck. 

Well Friend two did request off but wound up scheduled anyway. My coworker asked the day before if I could get the truck as early as possible because he had a family emergency come up. 

I was shell shocked that my planning had gone south. I then asked one of my female friends who works evenings if she might be willing to help because I was up a creek. She said yes and wound up bringing two male friends. Thank you Jacki, you are a lifesaver. 

The second and BIG frustration was getting the truck. When I had called to inquire about picking up the truck earlier on the 1st, Budget Mount Sinai told me they were still in the process of locating a truck for me and would call me back.  By 6pm I had not heard anything so I called them and TJ let me know that an earlier time was not going to be possible because they had still not located a truck. Imagine my anxiety level at possibly having no help and no truck... He said no matter what I will have a truck but I may have to travel for it and he would call me in the morning. 

I learned in the morning that I needed to pick the truck up in East Northport. This is a good 45 minutes out of my way which would be fine if the man working at Budget was remotely friendly.  I picked up my truck and spent 15 minutes attempting to adjust the seat (it was stuck) and side mirrors which were not powered. Needless to say the right side view mirror was messed up the entire ride to my old apartment because I couldn't adjust it right. I tried. 

Driving the truck was fun once I got used to it. I found the blind spot mirrors to be my best friend. I took out some curbs like a professional and stressed about tire damage but overall it was pretty awesome. 

Returning the truck I asked a different female friend if she would come for the ride. I had a strong inclination that I may need to fight for the mileage refund I was told would be applied by TJ since the truck was supposed to be in Mount Sinai and much closer. Their computers had been down so he couldn't do it prior to transferring me to East Northport. I did have to fight a little for my refund and the man at this location was fairly grumpy until at some magical moment he lightened up.  I often find my silly banter with friends can lighten up a room. It did and Budget ultimately did refund me 30 miles. 

After this I know I will never rent from Budget again.  The actual truck was great but the frustration of getting a truck on top of moving was not okay. 

The final frustration was finding my AC on top of the fridge...  Who does that????  In removing it, I dip drop it. I barely escaped being hit by it.  I can lift the AC but not safely when it's above my head. I know it's white but it is not a microwave. 

Those were the not so great things and my suggestion to skip using Budget truck rentals. I had been told the truck shortage was because UPS and FedEx had all the trucks. If that's the case then don't rent me a truck. Tell me you are booked. Sigh.