Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting Ready to Travel

So in less then two weeks, I take off on my first ever cruise and as of I guess last Monday I started the prep for it. 

While this isn't the real topic here Monday I went to my doctor for a normal script update but requested a small order of Zanax for this trip specifically.  I know there is a very real potential for me to have a bad anxiety attack or revert back to the terrible place I was in this past April through September.  To protect myself, I asked for additional medication so I don't wind up in a bad place and attempt to jump off the ship (because it really could happen).  My doctor also gave me a motion sickness patch (4 actually) and that was completely her idea.  My doctor rocks.

Due to my heightened anxiety potential I will also be ordering the WiFi package because I may very well need my support system (I am looking at you Jolene and Whitney).

Anyway, my real prep is *gasp* tanning.  Of all the things, it's like the new taboo. I used to tan several times a week.  Returning to tanning last Friday felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket.  It's strangely relaxing and I do miss it.  

I am tanning because the last thing I need to happen in the Bahamas is sun poisoning or frying my skin.  So I am tanning a few days a week to get a bit of a base and hopefully avoid any sun problems. 

I still have to pick out new Jamberries and do my eyebrows. I am also getting ready to schedule my first wax ever because who wants to shave their legs everyday when away?

I wanted to pick up another bathing suit but sadly they are not really on the racks yet. Maybe next week. 

Anyway, I am just home from my second tanning session and I feel fabulous even though I am admittedly not feeling well. I don't believe my Starbucks sat right with me.  I was okay before Starbucks. Oh well. 

I apologize for the lack of posts but working two jobs is keeping me quite busy.  However, my cosplay page has been deleted. I am leaving mainstream cosplay and will post more on that after I return from the cruise.