Wednesday, February 1, 2017

First Time Waxer

I have never ever had a wax before not even an eyebrow wax.

I have used an epilator before after a few glasses of wine.  An epilator is a small torture device that pulls hair like a million tiny tweezers. It's not fun and I only did my calves. 

I did not want to deal with shaving during my vacation so I asked for some wax center recommendations.  While it's super common, the ladies I spoke to didn't have a go to place but one did suggest European Wax Center. That night I saw on their web page that I could book online. So I did. 

It was so much better for me to book online. This is something new and personal. If the receptionist was anything short of insanely sweet I would be scared off and cancel. Online bookings: A+

So my actual waxer was awesome!  She took the time to explain to me the process and had some serious knowledge about skin and hair folicles. 

Their wax is blue and exclusive to them.  Contrary to what I thought no muslin is used. She painted my leg and pulled it off.  There were only a few fast pulls in more sensitive areas. She would tell me to cough on the count of three and then put pressure on the recently removed area. 

It was pretty great and done in like 30 mins. She showed me a hair follicle that had attached itself to a blood vessel. You're gone now sucker!!!! She also brought to my attention that lace panties cause ingrown hairs. Basically lace around the legs because the hair gets twisted in the lace and growns back into the follicle. I WISH I had known that a long time ago. 

She also informed me that wax centers do not use muslin. Muslin has been used at beauty salons that do not specialize in waxing. There's a thought for you. 

Anyway, I totally suggest waxing if you want to try it. Just do it. It's not that bad.