Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Shopping Do I Dread? Bras...

Yes, bras. More so then bathing suits. Bathing suits are seasonal and can be worn for a few years. I mean my striped triangle top I just got rid of because the elastic did not just give up... oh no... it shattered across the entire band of the top.  No worries, finding bikini tops is fairly easy. 

Pant shopping is fairly annoying. It took me realizing the thighs of the only jeans I wear ready to fade to nothing to get me to go through the frustration of jean shopping. Eventually I found a Target with what I needed but failed attempts happened. 

Work pants are worse and I have currently resorted to cheap Walmart pants that do the job and feel a bit like plastic but they work for now.  Basically they fit decently and have good pockets. Finding dress pants with good pockets (if any) is a miracle. Sigh. 

Anyway, I have had a weird migraine all week long so I asked to leave work early and I decided to try bra shopping.... 

Typically bra shopping involves me getting painfully frustrated that I can't find anything close to my size without going to a specialty store.  Lucky me, the stars aligned today and I found a new go to brand. 

While I had been looking for jeans, I also looked for bras at Target because I previously bought a lot of their Gilligan O'Malley brand. I really like them but it's exceptionally rare to find one in DD let alone DDD.  I don't think they come in DDD actually. I did see some large band sizes in DD which means they either sold out of normal band sizes or cater to the smaller cup of the larger band. Sigh. 

If you don't know, bra sizing works with alternate sizing.  I normally use an alternate size.  My last round of Gilligan bras were 36D because at the time I measured at 34DD.  Now I am a 36DDD. Up a band size, down a cup size or down a band size, up a cup size. 

Earlier in the week I had been really annoyed by irritation from the cup on my too small bra which prompted me to seriously consider searching for bras again.  So I went to a Kohls today and tried Apt 9 bras because they advertised larger cup sizes. Thank you!!!!!

They didn't have a 36DDD but they had 34DD, 38DD, and 38DDD. I wound up with the 38DD. A 36 band would last me longer but I am good with the 38 for now.

As I was going through my bra drawer moments ago I noticed the variety of sizes and how things have changed. Around 2006 I graduated to the C cup I always wanted and never stopped... thankfully I never got those implants one of my old boyfriends suggested.  Eek!

This is my first Gilligan bra that I can remember. I refuse to get rid of it because if you remember the movie "Because I Said So" it's the same bra Mandy Moore wears before they get massages.  It was by surprise and accident but it's mine forever!  I also love that movie. 

The cup size difference is wild.

This is a Samantha Blake 34D against the new cup size. 


This one of my "recent" Gilligan bras. The 36D is still noticeably smaller in the cup. Hopefully I will be way more comfortable. Fingers crossed. 

What sold me on the Apt 9 over the also well fitting Maidenform was that the gore actually sat on my breast bone!  I mean it's closer then any other bra I have worn or tried on. The gore is the center piece on the front inbetween the cups.  I have a hard time with this because I have what's called kissing breasts. Basically, while annoyingly large they are close together and I don't really have a gap like most women.  Annoying for bras but makes for decent cleavage. 

I wound up with 4 bras.  It was such a shopping win that I went out and shopped more. I picked up a Rock Vinyl Captain Marvel, Build-a-Bear Minty, Build-a-Bear Celestia, among a bunch of other things.  It was a very good afternoon and it ended with breakfast dinner at Denny's!